The Value of Scouting for Young Women

Are girls allowed in boy scouts

Every parent wants to watch their daughter grow into a strong, confident woman. However, empowering girls is often easier said than done. If you want to prepare your daughter to become a future leader, you can set her up for success by enrolling her in Scouting. This organization helps girls develop into their best selves and develop lifelong skills. 

Founded in 1910, BSA known as the Boy Scouts of America) is one of the oldest scouting programs in the United States. BSA offers a variety of exciting and meaningful programs that foster personal development, outdoor skills, and strong moral values. 

This blog explores the top benefits of Scouts for girls and highlights some of the countless activities your daughter can participate in. 

Are Girls Allowed in Boy Scouts?

When you hear the phrase “Boy Scouts,” you probably picture a troop of peppy young boys dressed in the organization’s signature khaki uniforms. But despite the name, the Boy Scouts isn’t limited to young men. Young women can join any of Scouting  programs offered by the and participate in the same activities as boys. 

The BSA offers five co-educational programs designed for children with varying interests and goals, including: 

1. Cub Scouting 

Girls and boys in kindergarten through 5th grade join Cub Scouting troops to learn foundational leadership skills and improve their physical fitness. Cub Scouts engage in fun adventures and activities centered around earning merit badges. 

2. Scouts BSA

The Scouts BSA program welcomes youth aged 11 to 17 who want to gain outdoor survival skills and become strong, civic-minded leaders. Members complete community projects and participate in exciting activities like canoeing and camping as they work to achieve the top rank of Eagle Scout. 

3. Venturing

This youth-led program empowers girls and boys aged 14 to 20 to choose their own adventures and community service projects. Venturing activities revolve around four pillars: Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service. 

4. Sea Scouts

This fun maritime program teaches seamanship skills and water safety to youth aged 14 to 20. Members develop confidence and self-reliance by participating in thrilling activities like sailing yachts and scuba diving. 

5. Exploring 

This career-focused program allows girls and boys aged 10 to 20 to receive professional mentorship and explore career paths. Members build their networking skills and discover new passions. 

The Value of Scouting for Girls

Joining a  BSA program offers girls many personal, professional, and social benefits. Here are a few advantages your daughter will enjoy by getting involved. 

Building Lasting Friendships

Friendships play a vital role in children’s personal and social development. Every girl needs close friends to confide in, laugh with, and learn from. Socializing with friends also helps girls learn valuable skills, such as communication and emotional intelligence. 

Scouting  fosters lifelong friendships by providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all children. Meetings and fun adventures give girls plenty of opportunities to socialize and make friends. The BSA also strives to create a diverse and inclusive community that values families from all cultures and backgrounds. 

Developing Essential Skills

Young women who join Scouting programs  can develop a broad range of valuable skills, many of which they wouldn’t encounter in the classroom. These include: 

Outdoor Skills

Outdoor education is at the core of Scouting’s  mission. Members participate in rigorous yet fun outdoor adventures that make them more resourceful and self-reliant. For example, camping trips and day hikes allow girls to develop survival skills, such as reading maps and building shelters. These abilities empower girls by giving them the confidence to handle challenging situations.  

Life Skills 

Scouting  enables girls to develop interpersonal skills that they can apply personally and professionally. Community service projects and collaborative activities teach girls how to solve complex problems and work in teams. Participants also strengthen their communication abilities by taking on troop leadership roles.

Practical Skills

Scouting activities also teach girls a variety of practical skills. For example, camping trips and sailing adventures allow girls to learn how to cook and perform first aid. Likewise, organizing service projects enables members to sharpen their financial literacy and project management skills. These experiences contribute to girls’ personal development by increasing their self-confidence and fostering greater independence. 

Cultivating Leadership Opportunities

Scouts offers many formal and informal opportunities for girls to develop their leadership skills. For example, the National Youth Leadership Training course prepares members for leadership roles in their home troops. Scouts gain confidence and learn new skills through activities, adventures, and games. Additionally, girls hone their leadership abilities by participating in Scout Patrols, planning service projects, and mentoring younger members.  

These leadership roles help young women become more assertive, proactive, and resilient. As a result, they’re better prepared to face challenges and take on leadership roles at school and work. 

Promoting Confidence and Self-Esteem

Research shows that approximately 80% of women have low-self esteem. Scouting helps counter this troubling trend by providing an empowering and supportive environment that fosters self-confidence. 

For instance, girls can develop self-esteem by earning merit badges in categories like art, exploration, and surveying. And daring outdoor activities like rock climbing and overnight camping push young women out of their comfort zones. 

Inspiring Civic Engagement

Scouting  promotes civic engagement by enabling scouts to impact their communities positively. Scouts organize and participate in various community service activities, such as collecting litter, planting trees, and volunteering at nursing homes. 

These service projects instill a sense of social responsibility in young women and teach them that they can make a difference. Thus, they prepare girls to become good citizens and leaders of social change. 

Become a Scout with the Great Rivers Council BSA

Joining Scouts allows young women to gain meaningful friendships, memories, and skills they’ll cherish forever. The organization offers a variety of exciting programs that promote civic engagement, leadership, and self-esteem. These qualities allow girls to flourish academically, personally, and professionally. 

The Great Rivers Council Boy Scouts of America provides scouting programs for youth in 33 counties in central and Northern Missouri. We offer unique activities and resources promoting hands-on learning and character development, such as our innovative Sinquefield Invention Campus

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