Why Your Child Will Thank You For Letting Them Join Cub Scouts

joining cub scouts

The Cub Scouts program is designed to serve youth in kindergarten through fifth grade. It acts as an introduction to scouting and seeks to promote the same values that the Boy Scouts of America organization has embraced for more than 100 years while continuing to shape the next generation of our country’s leaders. These values include character development, citizenship training, and physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

In Cub Scouts, younger children benefit from being part of a den, a group of six to eight Scouts at the same grade level that meets on a regular basis. Cub Scouts and their parents make new friends, go on adventures, develop new interests, engage in service to others, and practice leadership skills to last a lifetime. Dens also work together on group projects and activities with the goal of earning badges of rank.

Cub Scout dens are part of a larger pack made up of Scouts from the area in which they live. Packs are mixed grade-level groups that regularly host meetings to recognize the achievements of individual Cub Scouts. They also serve to communicate information about approaching events, offer programs that enrich the Cub Scouting experience, and help members understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

In June 2023, the BSA announced a new option for “family dens”. Family packs that cater to both girls and boys are now allowed to establish dens comprising both genders in kindergarten (Lion), first grade (Tiger), second grade (Wolf), third grade (Bear), and fourth-grade Webelos. However, fifth-grade Cub Scouts will continue to be organized into dens based on their gender. This arrangement aims to ready them for eventual integration into gender-specific Scouts BSA Troops.

Packs participate in special events together, including:

  • Pinewood Derby: Build and race a model car with your child.
  • Blue & Gold Banquet: Celebrate the Cub Scout’s birthday with a party each February.
  • Camping: Experience overnight and day camping trips together.
  • Service Projects: Work with your child on food drives, conservation projects, and other community service activities.

The Cub Scout advancement plan seeks to provide Scouts with a sense of personal achievement as they work with the adults in their lives to earn a badge of rank. These accomplishments fill Cub Scouts with a sense of self-worth and help them recognize that doing their best is always the right thing to do, even when it may be difficult. 

The benefits to youth who participate in Cub Scouts are well-documented, including enhanced social and leadership skills, personal growth, the development of practical life competencies, and academic success. Best of all, Scouts achieve these goals while having fun and creating memories to last a lifetime. Here are some of the positive outcomes you can expect when you enroll your child in Cub Scouts.

Building Social Skills

Socialization is crucial to the transformation of children into successful adults. The Cub Scouts offer a supportive and inclusive community with plenty of opportunities for teamwork and cooperation through group activities. Games, projects, skits, stunts, songs, outdoor activities, trips, and service projects strengthen a Scout’s connection to their community, neighborhood, and home. 

Even the Cub Scout uniform demonstrates to the world that your child is part of a team while encouraging a neat appearance and positive behaviors. Members form lasting friendships and experience a sense of belonging as Cub Scouts.

Fostering Leadership Skills

Participation in Cub Scouts encourages responsibility and sound decision-making. Members are introduced to leadership roles and learn to take initiative and be accountable for their own actions. Leadership experiences build confidence and self-esteem in even the youngest Scouts as they develop new skills and interests, practice good sportsmanship and citizenship, and learn to do their very best for both themselves and their fellow Scouts.

Promoting Personal Growth

As they work toward personal and group accomplishments, your child is engaging in important aspects of character development while shaping their future values. Scout Oath, Scout Law, and the Cub Scout motto all encourage Cub Scouts to develop a deep respect for family, community, religion, country, and self. The scouting program focuses on goal-setting and achievement through hard work. Members are exposed to a variety of educational and skill-building activities while cultivating a sense of civic responsibility and community service. 

Learning Practical Life Skills

Cub Scouts are introduced to basic outdoor and emergency preparedness skills that could very well save their own lives or the lives of others someday. With ample opportunities for hands-on learning and practical experience, Cub Scouts gain knowledge in areas such as first aid, knot-tying, and nature conservation. Camping and outdoor adventures provide the chance for Scouts to build resilience and adaptability that will serve them later in their adult lives.

Supporting Academic Success

Signing your child up for Cub Scouts allows them to supplement their classroom learning with experiential education that will enhance their thinking and problem-solving abilities. Scouting offers opportunities for exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), encourages lifelong learning, and establishes a love for knowledge.

Creating Lasting Memories

Joining Cub Scouts connects your child to the rich history and traditions of scouting. They will enjoy the lasting impact of friendships and shared experiences and recount the highlights of memorable moments and adventures in Cub Scouts for years to come. Former Scouts often nurture a sense of nostalgia and fondness for Cub Scouts well into adulthood. 

Scouting also strengthens the parent-child relationship as you work toward common goals for Cub Scout advancement. We provide ready-made opportunities to do fun things together as a family before your child is all grown up.

Join Cub Scouts with Great Rivers Council

Scouting provides ample benefits in the development of Missouri youth. Cub Scouts feel supported and empowered to try new things while also respecting boundaries and following adult expectations. They learn to use their time constructively and demonstrate a commitment to learning and positive values. Being a Cub Scout prepares children to be good citizens and provides them with a positive identity for who they are as individuals.

Give your child the gift of scouting and all that it entails by enrolling today. For more information on how to get involved in Cub Scouts, contact the Great Rivers Council Boy Scouts of America, which serves youth and adult volunteers in 33 counties across central and northern Missouri. Help your child reach their full potential with a membership in the Cub Scouts. They will thank you now, and their adult selves will thank you for years to come.