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Why Your Child Will Thank You For Letting Them Join Cub Scouts

The Cub Scouts program is designed to serve youth in kindergarten through fifth grade. It acts as an introduction to scouting and seeks to promote the same values that the Boy Scouts of America organization has embraced for more than 100 years while continuing to shape the next generation of our country’s leaders. These values […]

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The Value of Scouting for Young Women

Every parent wants to watch their daughter grow into a strong, confident woman. However, empowering girls is often easier said than done. If you want to prepare your daughter to become a future leader, you can set her up for success by enrolling her in Scouting. This organization helps girls develop into their best selves […]

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10 Things To Expect From BSA Summer Camp at Lake of the Ozarks

Summer camp is the pinnacle of the Scouting calendar. Every year, young men and women eagerly anticipate camp and the experience of immersing themselves in Scouting culture in the great outdoors. At Camp Hohn, located within the breathtaking Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation, Scouts find themselves in an exceptional setting where they can engage […]

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