Doroghazi Eagle Scout Award

In the 100th Anniversary of the Eagle Scout Award, past Council President and Distinguished Eagle Scout Dr. Robert M. Doroghazi established and funded this Eagle Scout Award. The intent of this award is to recognize and reward Eagle Scouts for their hard work, thrift, and continued success as they enter adult life. Preference is given to those who will be tomorrow’s leaders in Business, Science, Finance, Engineering and the professions of Medicine & Law, and who have served in the Armed Forces.

The award is merit-based. No consideration is given to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, socio-economic status of parents, activity or success of other family members in Scouting, or other scholarships or financial aid. This is not a community service award. There will be 3 awards annually of $10,000 each.

Award Recipients

2023: Brendan Fish – US Marine Corps; Dallin Vorkink –  BYU College of Life Sciences
2022: Captain Patrick Graf – studying Internal Medicine with US Army;  Albert Muenks – PHD, Biochemistry at University of Washington; Ethan Veit – PHD, Biomedical Science at Mount Sinai

2021: Cody Alan Mueller – Mechanical Engineer at Thermavant Technologies; Zachary Reger – JD, University of Chicago-Law School
2020: Kyle Gulshen – Cal Tech-Physics; Adam Schmitz – 2nd Lt, US Army; Nathan Thibon – JD, Washington University-Law

2019: Michael Doman – Stanford Law; Joseph Ege – Ag Econ; Trevor Muzzy – Pilot, US Air Force

2018: Drew Greaves – JD, UMKC Law

2017: Jordan Occena – PhD, MI; Andrew Turner – MIT, Physics; James Weagley – PHD, Washington University-Genetics

2016: Samuel Bergin – MD, USAF; Cole Pruitt – Film Producer, Physics; Kevyn Wiskirchen – Wildlife Biol

2015: Zachary Brown – DDS, MD; Allen Cowherd – Marines; Arthur Jago – PhD, Stanford

2014: Matt Coudron – MIT, Comp. Sci.; Frank Foss-Capt., Bronze Star; Lucas Tucker – S&T, Engineer

2013: Jacob Day – MD, Hopkins; Ian Faust-MIT, Engineer; Ryan Occena – Fulbright Scholar

2012: Evan Cameron – MD, US Army; Todd Gingrich – Rhodes Scholar; Andrew Reiff – Entrepreneur boy scouts of america 5771467

1. There is no fee to apply.
2. Application must be postmarked by July 1st.
3. Official college (and if applicable) graduate school transcript must accompany application.
4. No letters of reference are required or accepted.
5. Any material mis-statement of facts will result in immediate disqualification with no chance to reapply.