Guardians of Hohn

The Guardians of Hohn offers a unique opportunity to provide lasting stewardship for Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation.

The idea of the Guardians of Hohn was sparked around a fire at camp, where the competitive fast paced life we all live has a chance to slow down allowing suggestions to play in our mind. We all talk about ways to improve camp. Upgrades and maintenance needed cannot always find financial or labor support to happen timely, efficiently… or happen at all even with the best intentions. The need to unite people who care deeply about our council’s properties is key.

As a Guardian of Hohn you will be provided access in a very real, hands-on opportunity that fosters financial support, ongoing fellowship, and praise for collaborative action. You can expect projects to be specifically designated by the Guardian members during an annual gathering at camp, financed through recurring giving, coming to fruition through fellowship work weekends.

100% of the funds raised will be used for projects specifically designated by the Guardian members.

Former camp staff and attendees, Wood Badge, Order of the Arrow, Scouting alumni, current Scouters, local business and foundations can now come together to support camp. All allowed to participate equally, united to keep our place special for youth to build core competency skills and experience degrees of independence and freedom as never before.

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Please mail to Boy Scouts of America, Great Rivers Council, 6081 W Van Horn Tavern Rd, Columbia, MO 65203

Guardians of Hohn Members

Lucinda Allin*
Debbie Backes*
Jerry Backes*
Brendan Bagby*
Greg Baker*
Kenneth Barnes*
Richard Beaubien*
Mike Befort*
Randy Behrens*
Jesse Bexten*
Kirk Boyer*
Steve Bratten*
Katherine Burton*
Joe Cameron*
Cheryl Cobb*
Rockne Corbin*
Bill Corwin*
Jerry Couchman*
Tim Coyle*
David Crane*
Jim Dallas*
George Davis*
Malachi Diehl*
Betty Jo Douglas*
Brad Dudenhoffer*
Brian Dufner*
Dewayne Dungan
Jim Dye*
Rod Ellis*
Steve Erdel*
John Fabsits*
Debbie Finke*
James Flaherty*
Q Gibson*
Andrew Gingrich*
Gil Gonder*
Steve Goldstein*
Jeff Goran*
Nicholas Gray*
Darrin Green*
Rich Green*
Eric Grider*
Jennifer Grider*
David Gross*
Jeff Guillory*
Chris Harper*
David Harris*
Amanda Hayes*
John Hayes*
Jenelle Henry*
Wenona Hensley*
Andrea Herries*
Brian Hoefener*
Patrick Hoffmann*
Thomas Holt*
B.J. Hunter*
Lewis Hunter*
Robert Hunter III*
Jason Jenkins*
Nick Johnson*
Brent Jorgeson*
Dennis Kerns*
Glenn Kolin*
Martin Komo*
Phil Leatherman*
John Loewenstein*
Rob Loseman*
Terry Maddox*
David Masten*
Carmel Mazzocco*
Cliff McBride*
Carolyn McCormack*
James McCormick*
Richard Mendenhall*
Thomas Mendenhall*
Scott Meredith*
Shawn Merrill*
Paul Meyer*
Camillia Naught*
Larry Neill*
Odell Newkirk*
Patrick Nolan*
David Nolle*
Mike Odette*
Steve O’Rourke*
Richard Parkhurst*
Matthew Pigg*
Sid Popejoy*
Steve Powell*
Brian Price*
Evelyn Reed*
Tim Reed*
Jim Reid*+
Harry Richter*
Mike Richey*
Robert Robuck*
Nancy Rogers*
Andrew Rowe*
Dan Ruether*
Ed Scavone*
Mark Scheiderer*
Joe Scheppers*
Tracy Seitz*
Janie Smith*
William C Smith*
William S Smith*
Julie Stansfield*
Jeremy Stockstill*
David Thorne*
David Turner*
Doug Vogelsmeier*
Christopher Way*
Shari Weinman*
Carroll Wilkerson*
Kristi Williams*
Steve Willsie*
Donald Wormsley*
Eric Worts*
Daniel Wright*
John Young*+

*Charter Members

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