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For years, the Boy Scouts of America have simply recruited new youth utilizing the same method year in and year out. Each year the plan was fine tuned to meet current needs of the youth, parents, and schools, with diminishing returns. For nearly two years, due largely to the pandemic, our units have been unable to recruit using traditional methods. School access was severely limited or non-existent as schools were closed to outside organizations. Now is our time to increase our relationships with our schools, our chartered partners, and the communities we serve. Our objective remains the same: engage families and invite all youth to be part of the life-changing experience that is Scouting.

Learn best practices and tips for marketing, recruiting, engagement, and retention to grow and strengthen your unit. “Adventure On” is our call for unplugging, reconnecting and an invitation for all to join Scouting.

Join Night Planning Guides

BSA Adopt-a-School

The BSA Adopt-a-School program is an exciting and comprehensive undertaking that will connect Scout units with their associated schools. Participating Scouts then work, within clearly defined guidelines, to partner with school administrators and offer the volunteer services that most effectively meet their schools’ needs, which may include grounds beautification, teacher appreciation, clean-up before or after school events, and/or help during festivals and carnivals.  The council is developing a system for units to register and document their Adopt-A-School plans and partnerships.

Key Elements of a Successful Join Night

Setting Up Your BeAScout Pin

BeAScout is an online site that prospective members can use to find a unit near them. To prepare for your My.Scouting Tools Online Registration go-live, please verify that your BeAScout pin is turned on and that the contact information is current and displays the information you want shown for your unit.

  • Step 1: Log in to your My.Scouting account. –
  • Step 2: Go to Organization Manager
  • Step 3: Update your Unit Information
  • Step 4: Select the fields to display on the unit pin.

Recruitment Resources

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Join Night Flyer Request

Scouting is fueling adventures and opportunities to “Adventure On!”  From outdoor adventures to character building, now is the time to invite new youth to experience all that Scouting has to offer. Let our team assist with the support material needed to get the word out to new families. Please allow for 3 business days before flyers will be printed and ready for pick-up/drop-off.

Social Media Resources

Facebook Event Geofencing

Request that your Unit Join Night is promoted as an event with ads on Facebook.

Inflatable Archery and BB Range Rental

The Great Rivers Council has inflatable archery and BB gun ranges that can be rented at no cost to units for recruitment at festivals, fairs and other community events.


For any questions on the details about recruiting and membership, please contact the GRC Membership Committee by filling out the from below and a committee member will get back to you.