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The Great Rivers Council believes in providing a simple and compelling way for Scouts to fund their adventure by learning the value of hard work and earning their own way. The Trail’s End Popcorn & Burgers’ Smokehouse product sale is the perfect opportunity to teach this valuable life lesson and fund the most exciting year of Scouting ever.

The popcorn sale is not just about selling popcorn…It’s also about promoting Scouting!

Nearly 50% of the Popcorn & Burgers’ Sale supports local Scouting!

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Four Options to Sell

Hundreds of thousands of dollars go back to the Scouting program in the Great Rivers Council as a result of the annual Trail’s End and Burger’s Smokehouse sale. Nearly 50% of all dollars collected during the sale support local Scouting. Units earn a 50% commission on Trail’s End and Burgers’ Smokehouse products they sell directly. Online Trail’s End sales may vary. The product sale is a way for a Scout to support his or her way through the various activities during the year.

There are four options to sell: 

  • Traditional Take-order Sales: An order and fulfillment process that takes place in your neighborhood, where Scouts go door-to-door and ask for popcorn orders that are fulfilled at a later date.
  • Show-and-Deliver: An order and fulfillment process that takes place in your neighborhood, where Scouts go door-to-door and ask for product orders that are fulfilled at a later date.
  • Show-and-Sell: A direct sale that takes place outside of a local business, where Scouts interact directly with community members and encourage them to buy popcorn and Burgers’ Smokehouse products.
  • Sell Online to Friends and Family who live out of town: Online Sales are also available and can be used to raise funds for your unit no matter where the customer is located. Check out the 50 States Club below!

For more information, contact your District Kernel or District Executive.

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Highlights of the Product Sale

  • 50% commission on take order and show & sell products (48% commission, 2% incentives)
  • Online and in-person sales training opportunities
  • Amazon Rewards Program
  • No credit card fees
  • Door hangers
  • Order forms
  • Banners
  • Leaderboard will be emailed on a weekly basis with the ranking of the current Top Sellers!
Top Seller Prize Wheel Graphic

Top Seller Prize Wheel

  • The top sellers will be announced each week in an email containing the Leaderboard.
  • Scouts who are the top sellers of each week will have the opportunity to spin the Top Sellers Prize Wheel!
  • Multiple chances to win exciting prizes.
  • Top Sellers will also be featured in the Kernel Journal.
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Why do Scout Units Sell?

  • Scouts learn life lessons by “earning their own way.”
  • Product sales revenue supports the unit program.
  • Provides funds for activities and advancement, lowers the cost of camps, district activities, and prices at the Scout shop.
  • Increase your unit and council income – 50% stays with the local unit.
  • Scouts use the funds for various Scouting programs, fees and activities.
  • There are loads of incentives to motivate Scouts: cool prizes, Top 100 Club, free summer camp and more.

Product Sale Resources

Key Dates for 2023

From the Kick-Off to the Final Order, make your popcorn sale run smooth by staying on top of all of the 2023 Popcorn Sale key dates. Check out the dates here or download a PDF by clicking the button below. Find additional information on the Council calendar or contact your District Kernel or District Executive.

May 1Register for Fall Product Sale
July 13Kinderhook Unit Kernel Sales Training – In-Person at 7PM
July 25Kinderhook Initial Order Due
July 28Kinderhook order to Trail’s End
August 10Kinderhook Product Arrives
June 30Invite to participate mailed to all Scout families
July 25Unit Kernel Sales Training – In-Person (Columbia)
August 15Unit Kernel Sales Training – ZOOM
September 9 Initial Orders Due (Show & Deliver and 1st take order) 
July-SeptemberHost Unit or District Kick-offs (Pep Rally) for Scouts
September 13Council Order to Burgers’ and Trail’s End Due
September 20 Product Arrives in Columbia 
September 21Staff and volunteers sort
September 22Delivery to Districts
September 22 or 23Initial Product Distribution Day. Appointments required with your District Kernel.
September 23 Show & Deliver and Show & Sell begins
Oct. 30 or Nov. 1Popcorn Returns (District Specific). Check with your DE for Time and Location.
November 1 Final Orders Due for both Trail’s End (take order) and Burgers’ products 
November 3Initial Order Invoice Due
November 1Council order to Trail’s End and Burgers’ due
November 14Product arrives in Columbia
November 15Staff and Volunteers sort
November 16Delivery to Districts
November 17 & 18Final Product Pick-up
November 17Incentives & Awards Reports Due

November 21 

December 1

Final Order Invoice Due


50 States Club

We’re going national with our popcorn sale! Returning in 2023 is our 50 States Club! The first 10 Scouts who make an online popcorn sale in all 50 states will win a gift card!

Check out the interactive map you can use to help track your sales across the country and start selling!

Check out the video below from a fellow Scout who made her own Popcorn promotional video! Create your own Trail’s End Popcorn promotion video to help boost your own product sales. Have fun with this by filming in an interesting location near your home, adding a new dance move or tell a popcorn joke! Just remember to wear your Scout uniform, have plenty of natural light and speak up. Watch this YouTube video on how to perfect your pitch!

Share your video with us by tagging #GRCBSA on Facebook and it may be featured in the next Kernel Journal!

Training Videos

Scout Popcorn Sales Training
How to Use the Trail’s End App
Perfect Your Pitch and Popcorn Travel
How/Why Scouts Sell & Parent Support 
Troop Level Engagement
Success at the Stores
Website Icons Pickup

Product Pickup Times & Locations

Product pickup times and locations are listed below. Please check back here for updates.

Black Diamond District | September 22 and November 17 (Between 5PM – 7PM)
American Legion Hall
520 East Maple Street, Shelbina, MO  63468

Contact Phil Leatherman 573-822-3666

Boonslick | Thursday, September 21 and November 15/16 (Between 3PM – 6:15PM) 
Premier Moving & Storage
2701 Vandiver, Columbia, MO 65202

Contact Danny Paul, 573-489-2876

Five Rivers | September 22 (Between 3PM to 5PM)
N.H. Scheppers Distributing
2300 St. Mary’s Blvd., Jefferson City, MO 65109

Contact: Bradley Kellerman 573-469-2129

Grand Prairie | Saturday, September 23 and November 18  (Between 8AM – 9AM)
Continental Products
2000 West Blvd, Mexico, MO 65265
(West side loading docks.)

Contact Kelli Elliott 573-239-1539

Kinderhook | Date TBD 
Barefoot Floors and Home Design
3980 Jr. Prewitt Pkwy, Osage Beach. MO 65065

Contact: Amanda Hayes 832-334-9144

Mark Twain |Saturday, September 23 and November 18  (Between 8AM – 9AM)
Continental Products
2000 West Blvd, Mexico, MO 65265
(West side loading docks.)

Contact Kelli Elliott 573-239-1539

Osage Trails | Date TBD
Bast Moving & Storage
108 W. Pacific Street, Sedalia, MO 65301

Contact:  Chris Harper, 573-375-8088 

For other arrangements, contact your District Executive.