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The Great Rivers Council is pleased to announce the Scout’s Own Product Sale. This initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to a summer/day camp program. Units participating in this program will 40% on each product they sell. Scout’s Own products will be distributed in the districts or available for pick up at the Council Service Center after April 13.

A Scout is Thrifty… They pay their own way to Summer Camp!

How the Scout’s Own Sale Works
  • Scout’s Own is designed to help youth fund their way summer camp.
  • This is a Unit Sales project where all Scouts can earn their way to summer camps, Sea Base, Philmont, other activities or to simply support the unit’s programs or supplies needs.
  • Scout’s Own products consist of Maple Syrup, Pancake Mix and Corn Bread and Muffin Mix.
  • The participating unit will keep 40% of each product sold.
  • Scouts and Supporters love the product is labeled and made by Scouts.
  • Commissions from the sales are encouraged to be applied toward directly sending youth to Summer Camp programs, but they may be used as the unit committee sees fit.

Units will keep $5 on a bottle of syrup and $4 on each mix sold.

Return Policy
There are no returns for Scout’s Own products.  We encourage taking orders from supporters to know what inventory you need to order from your council. What is ordered from the Council is your unit’s responsibility to sell.

Scout’s Own Sale Timeline
February             Sale information to units

Feb/March         Scouts take orders from supporters

March 25            Units register their order with the Council

April 13               Product arrives for pick up

April 29               Payment for product due to office

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Scouts Own Product Form 

The Scout’s Own Story

Every year millions of young people embark on new Scouting journeys. Each new experience teaches character development, confidence, and offers endless possibilities. Scout’s Own products fuel these fun adventures for Scouts and their families across the United States. You can feel good that when you choose one of Scout’s Own products, you’re funding discovery, outdoor experiences, and are helping to create tomorrow’s leaders!

Scout’s Own 100% PURE maple syrup is produced each year by tapping thousands of maple trees at Beaumont Scout Reservation in Northern Ohio where sap consistency ranks among the top maple-producing states in the country. Following in a long history that dates back to our Native American ancestors, Scouts take part in learning about the process of producing maple syrup through specialized programs. Then, they put their entrepreneurial skills to work by selling Scout’s Own to fund their own Scouting adventures.

Now bringing a taste of camp home has never been easier thanks to Scout’s Own Maple Syrup, Scout’s Own Pancake Mix and Scout’s Own Cornbread and Muffin Mix. Whether you plan to cook your next culinary masterpiece over an open fire at camp or you think about those great memories on Sunday morning from your kitchen, Scout’s Own is enabling Scouts across the nation to explore their passions. Each bite brings back warm reminders of dutch ovens, family laughter, and life-long memories made possible only by Scouting!