Scouting Adventure Center

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Adventure means many things to each of us. Maybe it is traveling to a new place or trying a new skill. Perhaps it is setting our imaginations free to share a story – or listening to sounds we’ve never heard before. Adventure may mean climbing to new heights, or settling down to a creative dish you just made up. However, you define it, just knowing a new adventure awaits you is thrilling to all of us.

Thanks to an impressive gift a new adventure awaits everyone in the Great Rivers Council. Larry and Brenda Potterfield donated a 13,000-square-foot building to the council – and encouraged all of us to build a center for the future.

The Scouting Adventure Center provides much-needed office space, an improved Scout Store, training/board rooms, and storage. It is also for the profound – space for modular activities our youth can utilize throughout the year to master new skills, make connections and move toward the future.

Through the generous support of organizations like the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation, Veterans United Foundation, Columbia Visitor & Convention Bureau, and Simmons Bank, we are excited to offer a one of a kind experience for your youth.

The 9,000 square foot Scouting Adventure Center Program Area is divided between the Sinquefield Innovation Space and the Veterans United Foundation Climbing Wall.

The Sinquefield Innovation Space features 4 unique program areas, each with a different focus:

  1. Audio, Visual, and Design: this unique area focuses on photography, moviemaking, animation, and other design processes such as art, sculpture, model building, and more! Youth and adults will engage in traditional design activities but also get to you cutting edge equipment such as 3D printers and printing software, the latest graphic design software, and more!
  2. Engineering and Programming: this unique program area focuses on teaching youth and adults about the basics of engineering, electricity, electronics, computers, coding, and more! Activities in this area will range from teaching basic engineering principles to learning how to solder a circuit board, to building robots, and more!
  3. Health and Safety: what of the most important skills someone can learn is how to take care of themselves and others when they get injured or are in an emergency. This area focuses on those basic skills such as First Aid, CPR, AED, Wilderness First Aid, Fire Safety, Healthcare Professions, and more!
  4. Science and Nature: this area is focused on teaching and connecting youth and adults with the scientific principles that surround us. This is one of most broad areas. Youth and adults will learn about Chemistry, Nuclear Science, Bird Studies, Insect Studies, Reptile & Amphibian Studies, and more!

Veterans United Foundation Climbing Wall:

The Scouting Adventure Center is proud to be one of just two facilities in the Columbia area that will have access to a full-scale, indoor climbing wall. The wall is 26 ft high and approximately 40 ft wide. The highest point of the wall is Hilliard’s Peak! The wall will feature both automatic and traditional style belays. There will be a variety of paths with increasing difficulty.

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Upcoming Programming

The Scouting Adventure Center is excited to be a host to a variety of programs, both available to Scouts and Non-Scouts! We are excited to debut our Summer Camp Programs this Summer 2023! Please see the dates below. Save the date! Registrations will open soon!

Climbing Camp: climbing camp is geared for those with little to no previous climbing experience. In this course, you will learn all aspects of climbing, from knot-tying to traversing our 22-foot-high climbing wall. All equipment is provided, with the exception of shoes. Please wear tennis shoes. Attendees should also bring their own lunch.

  • Cost: $300 per person
  • Class Size Max: 20
  • Times: 8-3pm, Monday-Thursday
  • Session 1: June 19-22, 2023
  • Session 2: July 17-20, 2023 

Race & Flying Camp: Race and Flying camp is focused on RC Cars and Drones. In this course, attendees will learn about the fundamentals behind RC Cars and Drones.  More importantly, they will get to build and use RC Cars and Drones. We will be designing race and drone obstacle courses and tracks. All attendees will receive a RC Car and Drone kit. Attendees should also bring their own lunch.

  • Cost: $350 per person
  • Class Size Max: 20
  • Times: 8-3pm, Monday-Thursday
  • Session 1: June 26-29, 2023
  • Session 2: July 24-27, 2023

Invention, Tech, and Design Camp: ITD camp is focused on 3D Printing, Laser engraving, and audio/visual design. At this camp, attendees will learn how to use the necessary software and make various projects. Attendees will keep all projects. There will also be an inventing competition. All equipment and supplies will be provided. Attendees should also bring their own lunch.

  • Cost: $350 per person
  • Class Size Max: 20
  • Times: 8-3pm, Monday-Thursday
  • Session 1: July 10-13, 2023
  • Session 2: July 31-August 3, 2023

Save the date! Registrations will open soon!

Space Rental

In addition to our program area, the Scouting Adventure Center is open for space rental. Whether it’s a graduation party, board meeting, bingo night, the Scouting Adventure Center can be an excellent venue!

To reserve space, please go to our reservation system here