Join Camp Staff

Have you ever thought about joining camp staff?


Ask any past staff member, there truly is no better way to spend a summer than at camp. The friendships you develop, the experiences you share and the memories you take home with you will last a lifetime. Your days will be spent helping younger scouts learn the skills that older scouts passed along to you. Evenings will be spent at campfires, ceremonies, water carnivals, or kicking back with your staff friends. Our staff works hard, plays hard and becomes like a family!


Yes, it’s true that you can make more in a summer job flipping burgers at fast-food or gathering shopping carts at the grocery store. Keep in mind however what your resume and college application will look like. Someone who has spent summers counseling at camp has a demonstrated ability to develop a teaching plan, manage a class of students, maintain a strict schedule, provide customer service to hundreds of scouts and adults, coordinate paperwork, and be a teacher, entertainer, counselor and mentor to countless young Scouts.


Applications should be submitted as early as possible. Most staff interviews will be conducted by phone except in rare circumstances when a face to face is needed. Contracts will be sent out early in the year once hiring decisions are made.


Paid staff members must be 15 years old by the beginning of camp. 14-year-olds can serve as Counselors in Training (CITs) for anywhere from one week to the whole summer. CITs will live and eat with the rest of the staff. Youth who successfully complete a term as a CIT will be more likely to be hired as paid staff the following year. All staff members are expected to wear the official BSA uniform as prescribed by camp management.

If you are interested in joining camp staff, please fill out the application below.