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A Career with Merit

The Boy Scouts of America is the nation’s premier youth-serving organization, instilling character and teaching leadership skills for generations. Few other organizations impact our nation and offer careers that make a real difference in the lives of young people.

Scouting professionals are a diverse group of men and women sharing a dynamic career offering independence and achievement. Their work makes a difference and calls for continual learning and problem-solving.

The BSA offers one of the most rewarding career opportunities for college graduates and professionals seeking a career change. Scouting fosters the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness among its youth members and adult volunteers, as well as among national- and local-council employees. Our values are reflected in homes, churches, schools, businesses and civic organizations in communities both large and small, whether urban, suburban or rural. We make our country better — one young person at a time.

Scouting gives you a chance to make a significant impact. It’s not just a job — it’s a profession with a purpose, benefits and achievement opportunities. Why not take a step toward leadership and consider working as a professional Scouter? Think about it: Your career has an enormous impact on your life. Finding a rewarding career that will grow with you is vitally important.


Medical – The BSA Medical Plan provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses and prescriptions.

Dental – The BSA Dental Assistance Plan provides assistance with covered dental expenses.

Vision – The BSA Vision Care Plan provides an annual eye exam and includes coverage for glasses or contact lenses.

Retirement – The BSA offers a matching 403(b) plan to support your financial future.

Short-Term Disability Plan – The BSA Short-Term Disability Plan provides a portion of your income while you are disabled.

Long-Term Disability Plan – The BSA Long-Term Disability Plan provides 60 percent of your regular monthly income (less other income received) when you become disabled and unable to work.

Group Life Insurance  – The BSA Group Life Insurance Plan offers Basic Life equal to annual salary and two levels of Dependent Life Insurance for eligible dependents.

Group Accident Insurance – The BSA Group Accident Insurance Plan provides a benefit when a loss is sustained as a result of accidental death or bodily injury, on or off the job.

Paid Time Off – The BSA offers a generous PTO policy and several holiday observances.

Auto Reimbursement – BSA offers $500 a month for auto allowance.

Cell Phone Reimbursement – BSA offers $40 a month for cell phone reimbursement.

Current Vacancies

District Executive (Sedalia, Mo)

Camp Staff – Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation

Summer Camp Staff

Are you tired of doing the same old routine? Did you know that the Boy Scouts of America operates 420 Scout camps, 60 council high-adventure programs, and three national high-adventure bases? Each site offers opportunities for a variety of summer camp staff jobs. Most Scout camp staff members are at least 16 years of age, but some camps have a few select positions for youth who are a year or so younger. The national high-adventure programs employ young people who are at least 18 years of age. The Boy Scouts of America is an equal opportunity employer that hires both females and males, as well as people of all ages and ethnic groups, diverse cultures, and mixed abilities.

Why Apply for a Camp Staff Job?

Here are a few of the countless reasons that are frequently expressed:

  • To make lots of new friends in your area, other states, and even other countries
  • To spend a summer in the great outdoors where nature prevails
  • To acquire experiential education (learning by doing) and new skills that will last a lifetime
  • To be part of an effective team and to cooperate with others to get things done
  • To learn how to lead others and to apply leadership skills
  • To undertake and fulfill meaningful challenges and to earn the satisfaction of doing a job well
  • To work with youth and adults of all ages
  • To serve others (the most noble and fulfilling pursuit of all)
  • To give something back for the opportunities you have received
  • To live in a wholesome environment based on the Scout Oath and Scout Law
  • To have meaningful spiritual experiences
  • To have the advice, counsel, and support of senior staff who are dedicated to helping you succeed
  • To be paid and receive food and lodging in return for something challenging and fun
  • To be considered for jobs of greater responsibility and to receive letters of recommendation for other pursuits

Why work at a fast food or retail establishment that focuses on sales when you can have opportunities like these that will prepare you for more meaningful endeavors?