Recruitment Geofencing

What if you could send parents an invitation to attend a Join Scouting event directly through Facebook? By creating an event on Facebook and ‘geofencing’ it, you can. It’s easy, affordable and it’s a great way to reach parents with a message to join.

Here’s how it works

Geofencing allows you to set a geographic virtual boundary around a specific location or locations. Once the virtual barrier is established through a platform like Facebook, for instance, we can set up triggers that will send our chosen audience an ad when their mobile device enters the specified area.

Getting Started with Geofencing

Families have a higher interest in joining Scouting when they see information that is current, relevant, and easy to understand. Let the Council assist with the promotion of your Packs Join Night on Facebook through geofencing ads. The council will create the event and boost with paid advertisement.

Geofencing Request Form

Geofencing requests for Facebook must be submitted three weeks prior to the join night. This allows time for our team to set up the event and an ample amount of time to promote the join night.