BSA Personalized License Plates

You can help support Scouting by proudly displaying the official Eagle Scout or Order of the Arrow license plate on your vehicle.

Make an annual special contribution of $25 or more to Great Rivers Council, BSA by sending a check or money order along with the Eagle Scout or Order of the Arrow Authorization Statement (complete only the applicant’s section) to: Great Rivers Council, BSA, 6081 W Van Horn Tavern Road, Columbia, MO 65203.

You can make a credit card donation by calling 1-800-726-8852. If you qualify for a two-year license registration, a $50 minimum donation must be made.. Contact your local Department of Revenue (DOR) for more information.

The Great Rivers Council will send you 1) your “logo use authorization” form, which is proof that you contributed to the BSA and will be required when you submit your plate application, and 2) an application for personalized license plates.

For a Eagle Scout or Order of the Arrow personalized plate, send ONLY your application for a personalized plate, logo use authorization form and the annual DOR $15 plate fee in addition to your regular renewal fee to the Driver and Vehicle Services Bureau, P.O. Box 100, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0100.

You will be notified by mail when your plates are available and given information about acquiring them at your local license bureau. All questions about processing and your application should be directed to DOR through your local license bureau

Just so you know…

  • You may order Order of the Arrow and Eagle Scout plates at any time regardless of your current license plate expiration date. DOR will either exchange the new Scouting plate for your surrendered plate or pro-rate your fees.
  • If you currently have personalized plates, your ‘message’ can be transferred to the Scouting plates.
  • Scouting plates allow 6 characters for a personalized message and 4 characters for the personalization of a disabled person’s plate.
  • An annual $15 personalized plate fee is assessed. If renewing for two years, $30 is due to DOR in addition to your regular renewal fee.
  • In order to obtain a current logo use authorization form, please remember to make your special annual $25 donation to the Great Rivers Council before you renew your plates.
  • When renewing, remember to take your current logo use authorization form as well as your renewal notice and other papers provided by DOR.69