Silver Beaver Award

, Great Rivers CouncilThe Silver Beaver is the highest award that a council can present to its volunteers. The Silver Beaver Award is presented upon action of a Council Executive Board for outstanding service to youth within the Council or for outstanding longtime service to youth by a registered Scouter residing within that Council. The average tenure for Silver Beaver candidates is ten years or longer. Career members of the Boy Scouts of America may receive this award upon concurrence of the Council Scout Executive and the Director of Operations at the National office, BSA.

The award is presented at the annual recognition event, with nominations coming from Scouters from within Great Rivers Council. If you wish to nominate someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a volunteer Scouter, please fill out the nomination form here.

Silver Beaver Awards
Presented by the Great Rivers Council
or the former Lake Ozark Council since 1928

Chester Brewer, Columbia
Frank Green Jr., Hannibal

Arthur Nelson, Boonville

Judge B.E. Bigger, Hannibal
Lloyd L. Roe, Sedalia
Dr. Charles H. Weaver, Jefferson City

Judge B. E. Bigger, Hannibal
Alex Bradford, Columbia
Arthur Hitch, Boonville

J. Allen Eichenberger, Saverton
O. R. Johnson, Columbia

Judge Derk Green, Brookfield
Monroe Mohler, Columbia
Charles Strickel, Marceline
Carl F. Schultz, Jefferson City

Henry Guhleman, Jefferson City
Gene Rippstein, Hermann
Carl F. Schulte, Jefferson City
William Tellman, Jefferson City
Morris Anderson, Hannibal
J. Allen Eichenberger, Hannibal

Elmer Headlee, Sedalia
L. W. Helmreich, Jefferson City
A. A. Jeffrey, Columbia
T. W. Long, Boonville

Sam P. Eveler, Jefferson City
A. S. Mortimer, Mexico
Dr. J. S. Summers, Jefferson City

Louis Grinstead, Columbia
John Gulick, Moberly
Truman Ingle, Fulton

William C. Cain, Sedalia
W. L. King, Macon
Lt. Col. J. G. Kralovec, Boonville
Julius J. Rhode, Hermann

John Carr, Bowling Green
Charles Gillespie, Jefferson City
John A. Morris, Hannibal
Charles H. Smoyer, Sedalia

Rev. E. B. Hensley, Sweet Springs
Harry Lambirth, Sedalia
Waldo Landran, Moberly
George Morris, Boonville
Paul Rutledge, Columbia

Floren Thompson, Kirksville
Virgil Wilhite, Moberly

C. Bud Keane, Jefferson City
John Machin, Mexico

Albert Bellamy, Versailles
John L. Esser, Boonville
John Gasporotti, Moberly

Theodore Wisch, Jefferson City
Dr. Howard Miller, Macon
Sam D. Groff, Mexico
Albert Bellamy, Versailles 

Michale Wolfel, Sedalia
John Lowe, Brookfield
George Pohlman, Macon
Lawrence D. Jones, Jefferson City
Louis Shelburne, Columbia

Horace Wren, Columbia
N. F. Tamm, Rocky Mount
Michael Wolfel, Sedalia

Wilkie Cunningham, Jefferson City
Dr. George Grim, Kirksville
Dr. L. F. Williams, Columbia
Horace Wren, Columbia

Earl Diemund, Columbia
Henry Rohfing, Hermann
W. Kelly Simmons, Moberly
Wm. R. Tweedie, Sr., Jefferson City

W. W. Carpenter, Columbia
Frank Dearing, Brookfield
Edwin F. Ford, unknown
Robert L. Hoy, Marshall

Ira M. Mounts, Windsor
Abe Silverman, Sedalia 

Charles Buckner, Marshall
Stanley Green, Huntsville
Rev. W. E. Longstreth, Columbia
Hugh Stephens, Jefferson City
Julius Stohr, Sedalia
Fred Zimmermann, Wellsville

Charles D. Bailey, Eldon
H. H. Kinyon, Columbia
William Lyon, Marshall
Marion D. Powers, Hannibal
Gilbert Sargent, Alexandria

George Allton, Columbia
J. F. Brown, Jefferson City
Walter Ryle, Kirksville
George Sutherland, Marshall

Harry L. Miller, Jefferson City
Harry Moehle, Macon
C. A. Philips, Sedalia
R. D. Smith, Hannibal

Dr. Claude Brunner, Camdenton
C. Wayne Elsea, Marshall
Edgar T. Ward, Lake Ozark
Thomas Williams, Shelbina

Richard C. Nacy, Jefferson City
Harry Naugel, Sedalia
Laurence Phelps, Macon
Francis Pike, Columbia
Robert Sisson, Columbia
Thomas H. Williams, Shelbina

Ed Cole, Jefferson City
Ray Dennis, Marshall
Don Hagood, Hannibal
Dr. John Longwell, Columbia
Dr. G. W. Winn, Boonville

Jack W. Alton, Centralia
Judson M. Dudley, Louisiana
William O. Hiatt, Jr., Sedalia
K. K. Johnson, Jefferson City
James W. Williams, Montgomery City

Roger Meyer, Versailles
John Pohl, Warsaw
H. Parker York, Kirksville
Mark Russell Todd, Columbia
Mark Pickett Harris, Columbia
George M. Kutzner, Memphis
Dr. Sydney Jaynes, Columbia
Loren Gafke, Columbia

Dr. L. S. Geiger, Sedalia
Mark Harris, Columbia
Dr. Sydney Jaynes, Columbia
George M. Kutzner, Memphis
Mark Todd, Columbia
H. Parker York, Kirksville

Robert Brandkamp, Montgomery City
John W. Jacques, Slater
James R. Keefe, Jefferson City
John H. Martin, Hannibal
Dr. R. L. Terry, Kirksville
Joe Wright, Sedalia
Clyde H. Thompson, New Florence

Paul N. Doll, Jefferson City
George Kendrick, Slater
Aldace Naughton, Jr., LaPlata
Frederick Weiseman, LaGrange
John Henry Danuser, Fulton

James W. Holman, Moberly
Claude Lambirth, Sedalia
William C. Murphy, Fulton
Oscar Petry, Laurie
Dr. Amos Snider, Columbia

Harold Busch, Jefferson City
W. Hobart Hill, Marshall
Waldo E. Palmer, Columbia
Nathan A. Toalson, Centralia

Malcom P. Akers, Perry
Dr. James Freeman, Jefferson City
Darrell W. Golden, Madison
Ray Hendricks, Sedalia
Robert N. Hunter, Jefferson City
Walter D. Moore, Jr., Mexico
Frank K. Westlake, Moberly
R. Eldon Green, Hannibal

Roy Anderson, Sunrise Beach
Dr. F. A. Barnett, Paris
Col. Louis R. Hughes Jr., Sedalia
E. H. Van Ness, Columbia
Dr. Ewart Wyle, Jr., Marshall

Donald Akre, Jefferson City
Kenneth H. Dickson, Moberly
Ruby P. Green, Kirksville
Paul E. Hayes, Shelbina
Howard Hils, Moberly
Ernest J. Infield, Paris
John W. Inglish, California
Clinton Muller, Sedalia
Haskell Holman, Jefferson City

Harold Case, Fulton
William J. Couch, Centralia
Harold Gordy, Bowling Green
Dr. T. T. Hoyne, Stover
Richard Parkhurst, Sedalia
Richard W. Zumwalt, Hannibal
Ralph Cook, Sweet Springs

Doris Ash, Montgomery City
Bishop Monk Bryan, Lincoln
Robert E. Crist, Shelbina
M. Rex Easterling, Mexico
William E. Fingland, Sedalia
W. Marion Harlan, Columbia
William K. Johnson, Jefferson City
William Loegering, Harrisburg
E. Hirst Mendenhall, Columbia
Gloria Mitchell, Mexico
Mabel Murphy, Fulton
Alonzo L. Redmon, Sr., Jefferson City

Julvia A. Barry, California
Richard Barry, California
Joseph Dodson, Jefferson City
William E. Dorris, Canton
Louis Fauquier, Warsaw
Helen Harrelson, Bowling Green
Carl Humm, Hermann
Nicholas Monaco, Jefferson City
James Reed, Columbia

Arthur Allen, Centralia
William Buckner, Marshall
Nathan Calhoon, Eldon
Rev. Robert Collins, Mexico
Adrienne Fairley, Boonville
Kenneth Morrow, Louisiana
Robert Mueller, Moberly
Bernice Rackers, Jefferson City
Richard Schroeder, California

Robert Deason, Mexico
Sam Houston, Tipton
Max Lebeck, Moberly
Robert Osman, Jefferson City
Carl Wafel, Warsaw
Don Wolfmeyer, LaGrange
George Alfred Keepers, Jr., Columbia
John Machin, Mexico

Harold Adams, Mexico
William Davidson, Jefferson City
Ramon Gass, Jefferson City
Tom Miller, Moberly
John Schultz, Fulton
Millard Zeke Secora, Boonville

Charles Atkins, Centralia
William Ball, Hannibal
Lloyd Clapper, Jefferson City
Edward Elliott, Jefferson City
Claude Inglish, Sedalia
J. N. Matthews, Jefferson City
Dr. Ken Siu, Jefferson City
H. P. Stonner, Tipton

Billy Ray Cearley, Mexico
John Hartman, Sr., Jefferson City
Thomas Holt, Jefferson City
Ray Klinginsmith, Kirksville
Cecil Peterman, Bowling Green
Carl Taliaferro, Sr., Rocheport
Freeman Van Houten, Moberly

Dr. Wilson Bailey, Kirksville
Clarence Blume, Jefferson City
James Robert Caskey, Windsor
Edward Hampton, Columbia
Ken Stowell, Camdenton
Norma Winslow, Columbia

Charles Christy, Columbia
Frederich Greife, Windsor
Kenneth Huff, Columbia
Raymond Prichard, Malta Bend
Arthur Rhodes, Jefferson City
Levi White, Jefferson City

Dale Abernathy, Columbia
Clarence Blessing, Hannibal
Leon Moon, Tipton
Jerry Richardson, Hannibal
Dr. Harry Richter, Jefferson City
Juilane Van Houten, Moberly

Charles Adams, Kirksville
John Bursewicz, Canton
Arthur Mallory, Jefferson City
Dr. Henry Petry, Sunrise Beach
George Taylor, Martinsburg
Gene Zeiger, Hannibal

Robert Larry Davidson, Fulton
David Russell Hunter, Louisiana
Cecil King, Centralia
Charles F. Kummer, Jefferson City
Marion Mazzocco, Columbia
Walter Schroeder, Columbia

William Backer, Fulton
C. William Breeding, Hannibal
F. Joe Delong, Jefferson City
Gary Dunkerley, Columbia
Marion Rowe, Sedalia
Robert Van Ark, Jefferson City

Delbert Fairley, Boonville
Ruth Infield, Paris
Janise Manchester, Jefferson City
Donald Riddle, Brunswick
Robert Solomon, Sedalia
George Paul White, Jefferson City

Jerry Brown, Mexico
James Fairchild, Smithton
Richard Jones, Hannibal
Darrell Krueger, Kirksville
Sharon Livingston, Columbia
John Rowe, Kirksville

John Gibbs, New London
Estelyne Louder, Memphis
Myron Keith Roland, Sedalia

Kenneth Bruns, Eldon
Melvan Cauthon, Jr., Boonville
Wiesje Guhr, Versailles
John Jorgensen, Moberly
Robert Simmons, Columbia
L. Lemoine Tisch, Jr., Fulton

Debbie Baughman, Kirksville
David Harris, Jefferson City
J. B. Loewenstein, Jefferson City
Larry Sell, Unionville
John Shockey, Kirksville
Kevin Spencer, Fulton

Diane Cook, Columbia
Gerry Howser, Jefferson City
Gerald Manchester, Jefferson City
John Martin, Hannibal
Curt Wiggins, Jr., Mexico

Merlyn Amidei, Macon
Alvina Collins, Jefferson City
Dr. Larry Kerns, Jefferson City
Merc Mazzocco, Columbia
Pat Pinzke, Eldon

Don Bobbitt, Centralia
Fred Brandeberry, Macon
Jerry Couchman, Jefferson City
Bob McIntosh, Mexico
Nancy Pancoast, Salisbury
Jim Thorne, Columbia
Harry Wilding, Jefferson City
Raymond Williams

Howard Adams, Hannibal
Ellen Bailey, Auxvasse
Charles Fleming, Moberly
David Keller, Columbia
Jack Lippincott, Fulton
R. Michael Martin, Kirksville
Dru Maupin, Fulton
Joe Sestak, Columbia
Richard White, Columbia

James E. Brooks, Columbia
Bill Carr, Jefferson City
Kathryn De La Rosa, Centralia
Dick Gaffney, Jefferson City
Barbara Loewenstein, Jefferson City
Dian Pryor, Boonville
C. Paul Shapley, Sedalia
Warren Smoot, Hannibal

David Anderson, Jefferson City
Marcella Beauchum, Macon
Carroll Bell, Sedalia
Lorayne Fantz, Hannibal
Karen Howser, Jefferson City
Margaret Peggy Irish, Boonville
William Quigg, Jefferson City
Charles Weiss, Jefferson City

C. C. Blair, Camdenton
John Carr, Hannibal
W. Randall Coil, Columbia
Fredrich Cruse, Hannibal
Ralph Dulle, Jefferson City
Bill Parr, New Franklin
Robert Pryor, Boonville
Dr. Winston Rutledge, Jefferson City
Williams Toalson, Columbia

Ben Ames, Jr., Columbia
Dr. Robert Doroghazi, Columbia
James Dye, Mexico
Dr. David Fleming, Moberly
Chuck Hayes, Columbia
Les Joyce, Jefferson City
Lee Taylor, Osage Beach

Donald Ince, Louisiana
Wayne Clark, Moberly
George Kopp, Jefferson City
Beverly Parr, New Franklin
Bonnie Russell, Eldon
Patricia Roberts, Columbia
David Talken, Jefferson City
Chris Wrigley, Jefferson City

Barry Barnes, Sedalia
Dale Branson, Jefferson City
Steve Erdel, Columbia
Cliff McBride, Sedalia
Roy Pinzke, Eldon
Dr. James Roller, Columbia

Albert Pabst, Hannibal
Colonel Richard Rice, Columbia
Walter Slover, Macon
Clifford Olsen, Jefferson City
James Laux, Jefferson City

Richard Green, Russellville
Gary Wasson, Sedalia
J.W. “Bill” Shulz, Columbia
David Johnson, Columbia

William Ambrose, Jefferson City
Jason Cruse, Hannibal
Virginia Peterson, Columbia
Gerald Walters, Moberly
Bill Williams, Mexico
Joan Owens, Sedalia

Clayton Lee, Columbia
Judy Walotka, Hannibal
Kelly Q. Adams, Moberly
Rodney Heaper, Sweet Springs
Rodney Iuchs, Sedalia
Stanley Wayne Atkinson, Vandalia

Andy Gingrich, Columbia
Dennis Kerns, Sedalia
James Lee, Centralia
Larry Lampton, Columbia
Rich Schulz, Hallsville
Ron Rosendahl, Mexico

Larry Anderson, Jefferson City
Bill Deuel, Columbia
Dennis Diederich, Mexico
Karen Iuchs, Sedalia
Charlie Lee, Columbia
Jim Schreiner, Sedalia

Glenn Chambers, Columbia
Bill Corwin, Centralia
Odell Newkirk, Columbia
Bob Robuck, Jefferson City
Dennis Scholl, Sedalia
David Shepherd, Moberly
Marion Starr, Loose Creek

Jim Brunner, Mexico
Martin Hanley, Bowling Green
Jerry Howard, Jefferson City
John Miller, Warsaw
Mike Richey, Columbia
Jimmie Tatman, Hannibal
David Thorne, Jefferson City

Randy Behrens, Kirksville
Russell Chambers, Columbia
Walter Doyal, Sedalia
Gary Ford, Columbia
Arthur Freeland, M.D., Kirksville
Richard Mendenhall, Columbia
Frank Rieger, Columbia
Dale Soendker, Sedalia
Jeff Tayon, Moberly

Kirk Boyer, Jefferson City
Chris Harper, Nelson
Don Harter, Columbia
James McDowell, Macon
Sid Popejoy, Columbia
Keith Willcoxon, Columbia
John Young, Jefferson City

John Buckingham, Linn Creek
John Cassels, Columbia
Max Cook, Jefferson City
Michael Flanagan, Jefferson City
Ron Lane, Warsaw
Carl Porting, Jefferson City

Robert Hoff, Gravois Mills
Melodie Kerns, Sedalia
Douglas Moore, Columbia
James Schatz, Columbia
Diann Stelzer, Columbia
Evie White, Jefferson City

Kat Cunningham, Columbia
Shannon Johnson, Marshall
Eugene McCormack, Fulton
Brenda Potterfield, Columbia
Laura Pummill, Sedalia
John Stansfield, Columbia
Mark Thomas, Macon

Debbie Backes, Linn
David Brodersen, Warsaw
Jacque Cowherd, Fulton
Marion Dey, Boonville
Steve O’Rourke, Columbia

Gary Elliot, Hannibal
Mike Smith, Sedalia
J.C. Feger, Mexico
Philip Burger, California
Melissa Gerardy, Columbia
Jim Reid, Columbia

Ron Eggen, Lohman
Charles Sanders, Eldon
Jeanne Sinquefield, Folk
Julie Stansfield, Columbia
Les Wegener, Columbia
Paul Meyer, Columbia
Jim McCormick, Kirksville
Bill Burton, Jefferson City
Cary Porter, Queen City

Marcia Bross, Hannibal
Don Dexter, Sedalia
Kevin Dockery, Warsaw
Jeff Goran, Columbia
Carolyn McCormack, Steedman
Timothy Reed, Columbia
David Turner, Jefferson City

David Masten, Macon
Edwards Glenn, Louisiana
Joseph Magee, Columbia
Kent Nelson, Centertown
Phillip Baker, Jefferson City
Robert Berhorst,  Hermann
Stan Stevens, Russellville

Brian Geary, Sedalia
Chris Doyle, Hannibal
Mike Kehoe, Jefferson City
Ed Kniest, Jefferson City
Phil Leatherman, Lentner
Wally Ward, Kirksville

Allan Moore, Columbia
Jerry Backes, Linn
Todd Bennett, Eldon
Jamie Morton, Kirksville
Carl Mahoney, Jefferson City

Cheryl Cobb, Holts Summit
Wess Diehl, Camdenton
David Roehl, Jefferson City

Bill Lovegreen, Kirksville
Dan Tevis, Columbia
Ed Scavone, Columbia